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Video #1

Number closing a German girl living in London using an indirect-direct approach. Covent Garden, London.

* Pre-opener (“Can I tell you something really randomly?”)
* Pacing her reality (“It’s not a robbery”)
* Painting a picture (“I was just walking past…”)
* Indirect-direct opener (“I just wanted to come and say hello”)
* False time constraint (“Meeting friend for coffee”)
* Transition with statements
* Kino arm touches / high-5 / hugs
* Playful push-pull and teasing
* Qualifications (resolutions / reading / friendly / nice)
* Challenge her taste in books
* She’s quite a handful and quick witted, so I have to plough. Should have tried to open her up more ; )
* Number close
* Disqualify myself in a fun way (needy / emotional etc.)
* Can’t bounce as she’s waiting for a friend

Video #2

An indirect-direct day game pick-up of a Turkish girl in Trafalgar Square, London.

* Indirect-direct opener (“wanted to come and say hi”)
* Transition by pacing reality and making statements
* She hooks (“where are you from?”) and is quite chatty
* I qualify about reasons for visiting her city
* Challenge her on her negativity towards London
* I tease her about being the “quiet girl” and her ego
* Kino on arm, high-5, comparing tans, hug, kisses
* I cut off the chit-chat with some logistics (“so anyway..”)
* Should have persisted with instant date suggestion or at least mini-bounced
* Email closed because she was a tourist not here for long

Video #3

A direct street approach on an English girl in Seven Dials, London.

* “Soft direct” opener (based on style)
* Transition (pacing reality and statements)
* She hooks but doesn’t open up or give much to go on
* Plough / story tell with banter, push-pull and DHVs
* Comfort building, under-the-radar vibe (my default daytime style)
* Kino (arm touches, high 5s, shoulder turn)
* Light qualification (passion, aspirations) but she’s shy. Should have done some real qualification
* Miss out on coffee instant date because I said I had just had a coffee (chump mistake)
* Statement of intent (telling her she’s hot)
* Should have locked-in / mini-bounce
* Went for FB/email close as level of rapport didn’t feel enough for #close.

Jo came out on a Day2 (date) with me and the vibe was very different to this under-the-radar comfort initial close. A video of the Day2 will be on this channel soon!