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Street Dating Revealed:

Watch LIVE on hidden camera as we approach, meet and get dates with beautiful women on the street, at the mall, the café everywhere! Then listen as we breakdown each interaction and explain everything in step-by-step detail.

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The Attraction Summit Online:

“12 Of The Worlds Best Dating Coaches Reveal Brand New Proven Techniques For … Approaching Women, Starting Conversations, Sparking Attraction And Getting Physical In The REAL WORLD”


Conversation Master Class:

The ultimate training on how to approach women in any situation, start natural conversations, build attraction, and get results. Never say “I don’t know what to say” ever again. Become a conversation master.

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Inner Game Blueprint:

Finally overcome the fear, anxiety, nervousness and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success with women. Having solid ”inner game” and self-confidence is essential for success with women (and any area of life). This program can strengthen your inner game.

Phone and Texting Secrets:

Ever wondered why women don’t respond to your text messages or phone calls? Ever gotten phone numbers that never turned into dates? This program can help you turn the numbers in your phone into dates, relationships and sex.

Dating Younger Women

Dating Younger Women:

This video program reveals how older men can approach, attract and connect with younger women. Sweater who was featured in the game by Neil Strauss reveals all his secrets in this brand new training program.