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Unlike Any Other Dating Seminar You’ve Ever Been To Before …

Have you ever been to a seminar where the speaker(s) bores you for hours with his latest and greatest “theories”. But never shows you how his theories work in “the real world?”

Anyone can stand on stage, read a few slides, and sound impressive. But how do you know if what their saying is TRUE or FALSE? How do you know their advice really works? You don’t.

The Attraction Summit will be unlike any other seminar you’ve attended before. You will experience less “talking” and much more DOING. And when I say “doing” I mean …

LIVE Demonstrations

Each speaker will not only teach you their best techniques but to also demonstrate their methods LIVE on stage with our attractive super girls. You’ll get to witness each expert approaching, starting conversations and building attraction, right before your eyes!

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Drills and Exercises

Most people forget what they learn at seminars. You write a few pages of notes, go home, and never read your notes again. At The Attraction Summit you will be taken through a series of fun and interesting drills and exercises to make sure you remember all the important lessons!

Personalized Coaching Sessions

You will have the opportunity to participate in our hot seat sessions. You could be invited to join ALL of the speakers on stage and share your biggest challenges or sticking points with them. And have the speakers give you specific, step-by-step advice on what to do in YOUR situation. This kind of personalized coaching is invaluable (most would charge $250 for coaching!)

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Talk soon and see you there gents!

Alex Coulson

p.s we have some awesome speakers this year!